GREETINGS! Welcome to the website of CONSCIOUS ROOTS!  In this site, you will find more about our psychotherapy practice and other useful information that may help you to decide if therapy is right for you.

If you are presently on a path of:

  • depression

  • feelings of inadequacy or “wrongness”

  • relationship difficulties and impasses

  • addiction (drug, alcohol, other substances, video game, sex, shopping, physical augmentation, gambling etc.)

  • major life transitions (grief and loss, divorce, (un)employment, parenting, retirement etc.)

  • blended and created families

  • sexual, physical, emotional, relational trauma

  • anxiety

  • stress

  • chronic pain

  • racial/gender/class/sexual orientation/ability/size/immigration/legal status/age discrimination and marginalization


We invite you to consider therapy to help you along your way.

Although changing, quality multi-culturally competent services for mental health are largely out of reach for the 99%.  It is our commitment to sustainable individual and community well-being  that motivates our calling to be a part of  your journey.  Conscious Roots is a community therapy project dedicated to offering fair and affordable psychological services and counseling to the people, believing that transformation and healing is inextricably rooted in conscious awareness and social equity.

Together we can dig up the roots of how social conditioning and systemic inequities have impacted your life and the ways you have taken personal ownership of these faulty ideas, feelings, and beliefs about yourself and others and bring them into clearer consciousness.  Through this process, healing, personal transformation, and increased positive  personal impact within your communities can happen.  Nurture your consciousness to live a more informed, meaningful, empowered and harmonious life.

Whether its your first time in therapy, you are looking for a change, or you are returning, contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.  





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