About me, in this period of my life.  Taking a lunch break from painting these offices, my craving for american chinese food brought to me a fortune cookie.  It read: land is always in the mind of flying birds.  I looked at this sliver of wisdom and suspended, stupefied at its relevance and meaning that I immediately attached to it.  I have been many things in the course of my life: a restaurant server, salesperson, teacher, flight attendant, researcher, youth organizer, activist, party producer, school counselor, bartender, and professional couch potato—flying from one thing to the next, and what I found myself doing, in each of those spaces, was listening and experiencing the intimate lives, joys, triumphs, fears, and pains of those around me. As I munched on the cookie, I realized that I have landed.  Greetings! I’m Laura and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist.  And I want you to know that every choice, bead of sweat, step, tear, experience and perhaps even some divine intervention has led me to here, to you.  An imperfect person who wants to sit with you, listen, and witness your life in all its imperfections with compassion, authenticity, and respect.  

"Where you are, is not who you are." - Nayyirah Waheed


I work in a warm, relational, and holistic manner based in the principles of traditional psychodynamic theory. My practice is also grounded in my experience as a child of Vietnamese refugees, and my transition from the corporate world into psychotherapy. 


Guided by the belief that there is nothing inherently wrong with us, there may be chapters in our lives where the presence of an unbiased, caring other is necessary on the path towards truly knowing oneself. I emphasize making space for all parts of ourselves, strengthening our ability to hold nuance and difference, together.


Sandy Huynh, MA

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Intern # 109905

Supervised by Laura Mui, MA

LMFT #52316






  • Holding, defining, redefining, naming, embracing the refugee and immigrant experience in the U.S.

  • Bridging cultural differences in intimate partnerships

  • Creating a safe space for adolescents to explore their identity 

  • Exploring cultural identity and the impact of oppression 

  • Healing trauma from a somatic and yogic perspective

  • Providing support during major life transitions

  • Integrating personal passions and career decisions



I encourage you to speak to what is most alive for you, and my work is to help you gain a clearer understanding of your experience, and to work through what emotions or situations become most difficult. In our work together, we can explore different perspectives, desires, needs, wants, hopes, fears, and everything in between. 


I believe that wisdom resides within us, and that we are capable of reaching that wisdom when we can cultivate self-compassion, empathy, and gratitude for ourselves and those around us. My passion lies in supporting you within this meaningful, heart-centered journey.